Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chi'Lantro Korean BBQ Taco Truck=Awesome

I was downtown on Saturday night watching an improv show at the Hideout and playing some serious shuffleboard when it was time for a between-the-bar snack. Normally I'd hit up Roppolo's for a slice, but I decided to be a little more adventurous. Damn good move! Who knew that Korean + Mexican + Vegetarian option was hiding in the Chi'Lantro korean bbq taco truck?!

I tried the spicy marinated tofu taco, and it was amazing. For two bucks a taco, you get a healthy option with some serious flavor. The tofu was very spicy with a lot of sesame and heat. The tacos included lots of cilantro and fresh lettuce. They also serve pork and chicken tacos, for all you meat eaters. And you can add kimchi for free.

Korean tacos are a hit in L.A., so I am pumped to see some trucks in Austin.
Check the twitter feed to find the location of the truck!

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